Grand Junction Criminal Defense Attorney

Licensed as an attorney in 1993, Tony Link bases his practice on a core belief that the filing of criminal charges alters nothing regarding an individual's entitlement to be treated with respect, with dignity, and with a sincere presumption of innocence.

By contrast, prosecutors too often view defendants with a presumption of guilt. Defendants' constitutional rights are an annoyance to be overcome. In advancing those positions, district attorneys backed by law enforcement agencies represent an army against the accused.

Nobody works harder for his clients than Mr. Link, a Grand Junction attorney serving all of Mesa County as well as Delta County. Mr. Link listens to his clients. His goal is to prove clients right, not wrong. He defends clients using a broad spectrum of tools and training, ranging from employment of private investigators to extensive research concerning suppression of unconstitutionally gathered evidence. Further, he utilizes experts in such fields as forensic evaluation of evidence, psychology and injury causation.

Mesa County Law Firm Handling Drug Crime

As a Grand Junction criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Link handles cases involving all categories of crimes, including assaults of all types, domestic violence, theft, DUI and drug crimes. With regard to drug possession and drug distribution cases, important factors include constitutional rights protecting against illegal searches and unconstitutional acquisition of statements. Mr. Link scours law enforcement reports, interviews clients in detail, and utilizes private-investigator interviews of witnesses to ferret out defenses.

Mr. Link has 20 years of experience as a lawyer, including 12 years as a criminal defense attorney. He deliberately keeps his caseload small to devote sufficient time to each case.

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